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How much does it cost to ship my order?

We offer FREE SHIPPING within the Continental United States.  For international orders, the shipping fee is a flat rate of $14.95.  


How long will it take to get my order?

We work with a state-of-the art fulfillment center in Salt Lake City, UT.  All orders take 3-4 days to process.  Once it is packaged and ready to go, domestic shipping time is 3 -7 days. 

International shipping please allow 10-14 days.


What is your return policy?

We want you to love your purchase!  Please reach out to info@floc.us if you have any questions or issues with your order.  We are happy to do an exchange (return shipping will be the customers responsibility).  If a refund is needed, please contact info@floc.us for further details.


What is the best way to care for the shirts?

With the printed designs on the shirts, we recommend washing in cold and hanging to dry.  The prints will last longer if you do this, but keep in mind that it's no problem to wash in warm water and dry in the dryer - the prints just may fade a little quicker - which is sometimes the look people are going for :)


Are all products made in the USA?

All of our products are purchased from US distributors and printed/embroidered in the USA.  We make a high priority on purchasing products that are also manufactured in the USA, but from time to time we have difficulty in finding some of the items we want - such as the performance wear products.  We are a small shop with big hearts, and since we typically don't purchase high volume quantities, we do everything we can to keep our prices down for our customers, while still driving the importance of raising money for Canines With a Cause.  We welcome information on US suppliers and would love to have you share feedback or recommendations with us, please email info@floc.us so we can follow up on any suggestions you have.  Thank you!


How do I get a photo on your 'Wall of Fame'?

Take a photo with your FLOC shirt on and email it to info@floc.us - we will get it posted to social media and added to our "Wall of Fame".  Thanks for being part of our site!


I would like to order bulk shirts for my team, what is the process, pricing, and how long will it take?

Each product is different, so it depends on what you are looking for and how many you need.  Email info@floc.us for details.  


We have an upcoming fundraiser and wondered if you could donate to it?

Please email info@floc.us with the details of your fundraising event and we will get back to you.


How do I order a custom drawing? (click here to see artwork examples)

The artist, Melinda Lowry Anter, will create a "larger than life" image drawn from your photograph.  If you are interested in having custom artwork done, please email info@floc.us and attach the photograph(s) you would like drawn.  Please send photographs that are high resolution and have good contrast - more details in a photograph will help to create a better drawing.  She will follow up to discuss further details including the size, medium, budget and timeline requested.  Thank you for your interest!


What if I have an idea or suggestion for a product on the site?

We love hearing from our customers and having your feedback!  If you have an idea for a shirt or poster we can create and sell on our site, please email us at info@floc.us.  Your idea will be discussed within our team so we can see if we can fit it in to our new products.  If you want a specific drawing done for you personally, please see "How do I order a custom drawing?"  For ideas that can be purchased by anyone, please email info@floc.us with your suggestion and any photos you can send that we can use for our designs (military/police/fire/K9/EMT/etc.) We are always looking for resources to create new drawings and designs.  If we do use your photo, we will send you a t-shirt or poster with the recreation of your photograph.  These are done at no cost to you, as long as we have the rights to the image and recreation of the image for use and for sale on our site.


Can I use some of the tactical artwork on your site for a certificate for my team?

Most of the artwork on the site has been commissioned by people or companies, so it is not available to use or reproduce.  Please contact info@floc.us if you would like to discuss a specific image.


I would like a portrait done of my daughter and our dog, does the artist do drawings of subjects other than tactical art?

Yes!  Melinda enjoys drawing animals very much, and she has done quite a few portraits of children.  To view more of her portfolio artwork, visit www.portraitsbymela and www.behance.net/MELA_design.  You can email info@floc.us with the photo you are interested in having drawn to get a quote and timeline.


How do I nominate someone for "Little Paws"?

We want to recognize sheepdogs and civilians for doing good in their communities, families, schools, organizations - pretty much anywhere and by doing anything that creates a positive impact.  From the smallest act of kindness, to something big - we want to hear about it.  Each month we recognize one winner who will get a certificate and a "Little Paws" shirt as our way of saying thank you.  We will post their story on our blog and share it with our FLOC community.  Please email info@floc.us with your nomination of someone who has done a good deed or is doing good deeds - and we thank YOU for your nomination and helping us pass on the positive vibes. 


How do I get more involved with Canines With a Cause (CWAC)?

Canines With a Cause is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing US Military Veterans the opportunity to overcome the challenges of PTSD and other psychological disabilities and gain independence through the process of training a dog. They are able to offer their services at no charge thanks to the generosity of individuals and businesses who donate with love and concern for our service men and women.  Without the support of volunteers and donors, Canines With a Cause could not sustain their life-saving programs including shelter dog rescue and no cost dog placement and training for qualified veterans in need.  To find out more about volunteering or being a sponsor, click here https://canineswithacause.org/get-involved/ . With every purchase on For Love of Country, we donate to Canines With a Cause.  We want to make a big impact with this amazing organization and help as many soldiers as we can.